CadmiumCD Launches EventScribe Upgrade For Planners, Speakers, Vendors

    CadmiumCD Launches EventScribe Upgrade For Planners, Speakers, Vendors
    14 Mar 2017

    Event-technology company CadmiumCD, has announced the release of an enhanced version of its eventScribe® Conference App, which it calls eventScribe Boost™.  Expanded app features include meeting planning tools, alternative user experiences, and instant communication between team members at conferences.
    With eventScribe Boost, meeting planners can view event data in real time and react accordingly with tools for communicating with attendees, vendors, and speakers using enhancements embedded throughout the app. These enhancements give planners direct access to contact information for attendees, speakers, and poster presenters, as well as real-time analytics on mobile-app usage and speaker activity at the event.

    Vendors and staff that work at the event can access a shared contact list, and can connect with anyone on the list by text message, phone call, or email.

    Speakers receive speaker ready room details, a personalized presentation schedule, and access to audience questions that have been posed for their presentation(s). They can use the app’s QR code scanner to check into the speaker ready room and to log into a laptop to edit their presentation materials.

    Peter Wyatt, chief technology officer at CadmiumCD, describes the features offered by eventScribe Boost: “In layman’s terms, the major benefits are quick and easy communication, instant access to important data in the app, and the magic of delivering information when your stakeholders need it.”

    “It’s this ability to react instantly that makes Boost so powerful,” said Tracy Covert, digital assets manager at Western Veterinary Conference (WVC). “I can access contact information for my staff and members, write quick notes about a session, or make changes to the schedule from my phone.”

    “There is a growing need for technology-driven meeting planners to access conference management tools at their shows,” says Wyatt. “WVC has nearly 100 third-party vendors and staff members working on the show, which highlights the need for effective communication between all parties. The eventScribe Boost app optimizes this communication.”

    Enhanced presentation profiles give full access to logistical data like audio-visual needs, room setup, and food and beverage orders. Meeting planners can use a shared in-app to-do list, and take photos and notes on presentations. The data connects with CadmiumCD’s data management system, the Conference Harvester, so that changes made onsite update any eventScribe product, including Conference Apps, Websites, Speaker Ready Room Software and Digital Signage. When a speaker cancels, or when there is an unexpected problem with the schedule, meetings planners can mobilize staff instantly to make appropriate changes to the schedule.

    Deep integration between the mobile app, logistics orders, contact information, and registration data is achieved through CadmiumCD’s vertical product offering. With the CadmiumCD platform, a meeting planner can manage education, expo, and attendee data through one integrated dashboard.

    See how it works here